8 Reasons to Make Me Run

Running is one of the best bad-ass forms of exercising to whip your body into shape. Here are the top 8 reasons why you should be tying up a pair of runners for 2015. 

  1. Live longer: Who doesn't want to help turn back the hands of time and live longer with younger looking skin, fresh air, and healthy organs.
  2. Flexibility: It's a total body workout that can help your mobility all around. 
  3. Energy: Cardio is an energy boost for sure, and so is dancing but no song lasts for 10k.
  4. Healthy Heart: We have heard this so many times, it must be true. It helps reduce the risk of heart disease. 
  5. Music: The best way to test your new music list, speaking of, we should share a great music list on here. 
  6. Anywhere, Anytime: While camping, visiting, traveling, working or just hanging out at home, you can lace up and take off anywhere. 
  7. Shed weight: Of course this is one of the main reasons we start pumping out miles, to lose weight. 
  8. Happy, Happy: When you are done running, you will feel accomplished, and very sweaty. Sweat = Bad Ass, and you can even buy a shirt that says that. HAH!