From Negative to Lens

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Mariya Mova was first introduced to the Fytness Fanatik community as our first model all the way from Australia. She has been with us for 12 years inspiring others and we wanted to share where her career path has led her.

FFM: How did you go from model to photographer in the fitness industry?

MM: A friend had asked me to attend her event, she was opening a gym in March 2009, I just bought my camera on the 7th February 2009 for my birthday as a gift to myself, which was the SLR Nikon D90 and I bought it with the intention to use it just during my leisure time as a hobby!


I decided to take my new camera to the event and attempt to record photography at the opening of her new gym. My new toy looked so unfamiliar at that time I had no idea how to set it up or how to use it, it was so different from the point and shoot cameras I have used before.

Although I was in front of the camera for many years modelling for various photographers internationally the feeling of being behind the camera was totally different and I was hooked from the first moment. After a short bit of time it struck me; the idea of taking the photography on a more serious level and start shooting a lot to build my resume and attend few workshops as well.

Being a model for so many years I had the advantage of knowing many photographers in the industry as well as models so I thought it would be a great opportunity to start learning more about photography and use my contacts to pursue my new passion. Let me note: I consider myself an artist. At the age of 15 I enrolled in an Art school and have studied for 7 years various subjects from drawing to sculpture. I have graduated with an Art degree in 1989 and for some reason I left my arts passion to pursue a career in the fitness industry which I don’t regret. My fitness profession of 20+ years has brought me an amazing experience and opportunity and taught me some valuable lessons and it is my lifestyle as today.

I am what I am today because of my fitness lifestyle and profession. The combination between being a fitness professional as trainer-model-competitor on stage and being an artist has contributed to my life even more. I always have admired beautiful bodies and being in the “body” industry teaches me how to admire people who are building their bodies like a sculpture day by day. Photography is a great tool to capture and promote the hard work of any body whose aim is to strive for perfect body and presentation!

So in March 2009 I started my new hobby, new passion, new start of my life behind the camera and although I don’t like talking about myself a lot so I leave this to my photographs to express myself and my view of the world as I am seeing it!! I have attended various photography courses in Melbourne Australia as well as in New York- New York Film Academy, and my passion and love for photography is growing more and bringing me to new places, meeting with new people and opening new doors for me.