Crazy Ride with Tim Hicks

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As a passionate enthusiast when it comes to personalities and country music, Tim Hicks always stood out to me the minute he hit the airwaves, and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to interview him on my radio show Nothing But Outdoors talking about his first singles and the love of the outdoors in 2012. Now we get the chance to get inside his thoughts on how fitness and health affects his touring and stage presence.


FFM: When you first started touring did you find that your energy levels were hard to keep to par?   

Not really, when all this started to happen at the national level I had already been playing 5 or 6 nights a week for many years.  The biggest adjustment was playing less.  We were used to playing 3 or 4 sets a night, and all of a sudden we were doing 20-30 minute slots.  So, I felt like I was in shape for it musically and fitness-wise.  

FFM: Have you always been a high energy person and do you pull that energy from the crowd when performing?   

I definitely feed off the audience.  That being said, sometimes it’s a challenge to get people up and into the show (especially early on), so you have to give a little more to get a reaction but, once the ball is rolling and people are having a good time, there’s a definite give and take between band and crowd.  Honestly, I just love to play so much that it’s hard to not come out of the gate full on, so I just give it my all and hopefully that gets people into it!   

FFM: Have you changed your fitness or diet routine in order to perform on-going nights on stage?   

Yes.  I work with a trainer on a regular basis to stay in shape.  I’m the kind of guy that needs an appointment in the calendar to make it to the gym, otherwise I would never go (laughs out loud)!  I try my best to eat responsibly, although it’s not always possible when you’re on the road.  

FFM: Can you give us an example of some of the exercises or prepping you might do before going on stage?   

Sometimes I do a little cardio routine and/or some push-ups just to get the blood flowing but most of the time it’s just vocal warm-ups before we play.  

FFM: What are your go-to cheat snacks, because we all have one!   

All of them, ha! I’m a candy guy, so if I’m cheating, it’s with a bag of Fuzzy Peaches or a Snickers. I know I know… shame on me!  

FFM: How many push ups can you do, maybe we should have a competition one day?   

Not very many now, probably 30 or 35.  I used to do push-ups a lot more and so I was up to 100 or at least two sets of 50 but I tend to focus on free weights a lot more than push ups these days.  

FFM: You sing a lot about the outdoors and country living, do you believe country living makes us less vulnerable to stress, I do!   

Yeah, probably.  Life tends to happen a bit slower when you’re not in the hustle of a big city, so overall I think stress is less of a factor.  In this day and age, stress doesn’t discriminate between city or country living.  Everyone has stresses in their life and hopefully they have their own ways of dealing with them.  I notice a definite difference in my personal stress levels when I’m not exercising on a regular basis.  

FFM: The Tim Hicks play list is on my iPod when I work out, does that surprise you that your music is motivating for more than just dancing and partying to?   

It did at first, but I see a lot of social media posts about people running or working out to my tunes.  I never think of those things when I’m writing, but it’s very cool when it happens.  Being associated with sports was very exciting to me when teams started playing my songs during games or on commercials.  I love that!!  

FFM: You are always smiling and running around on the stage, this is also motivating to others, how do you feel about that?  

That feels great!  Again, I’m never thinking of “motivating” anyone when I’m doing my thing, so it’s really cool when I hear that from people.  I just get up there and do what feels good.  I would say that the number one comment I hear from people watching a show is, “You guys look like you’re having SO much fun up there”.  I always answer the same, “Cause we ARE!!”.  I am enjoying myself more these days as a performer than I ever have in my career.  I love country music fans and I love performing for them, so I’m soaking up every second of this crazy ride!  

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