About Fytness Fanatik

About Fytness Fanatik


Fytness Fanatik provides a public arena for people across the country to share their fitness, outdoors and health goals, struggles and successes.  We motivate people who think against all odds.  We promote fun in staying healthy and find ways to give people hope.  We organize and participate in fundraisers, assist in other charitable events and make a pathway for anyone to share and be inspired in life at their pace.

Our goal is to have a positive impact on our readers by providing a means for readers to share their stories, and by promoting fitness and health for the average person. Our mission is to inspire every person to become active in any way they can, and to encourage others to stay active!

All of our models and contributors are everyday people that readers can identify with - and the publication is not targeted at any specific age group or gender. The message we strive to relay is that fitness can be a part of every person's life, in any form (not just in your conventional gym setting), regardless of age or ability. You can find fitness in everything in life. Fytness Fanatik is for the life enthusiast in you. 

Fytness Fanatik helps build communities and encourages citizen engagement through participation - bringing people together through a common interest.


Giving back to the community and continuing to change lives for the better.