Using Travel to Enrich Lives

Using Travel to Enrich Lives

It’s no secret that travelling improves your own global social awareness, heightens your personal maturity and broadens your appreciation for diversity. What’s to say that travelling can’t help improve the lives of other’s at the same time too? Ever since my first trip to Africa at 7 years old, this continent’s indefatigable spirit and addictive atmosphere has held my soul in a vice-like grip.

When I first met Sister Brigitte Yengo at the World Federation of Chiropractic Congress in 2009, it was obvious that I’d support her cause in the Congo. Sister Yengo, along with volunteers, provides treatment through a chiropractic/medical clinic, rehabilitation programs for the handicapped and blind, education through schools and a loving home to orphans. In 2010 my family and I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to raise funds in support of her efforts. My charity’s name, One Foot at a Time, was derived from the goal of raising one dollar for each foot of Kili’s elevation. In 2013, I surpassed this mark by raising a total amount of $19,841. Despite methodically training for this trek, I eventually succumbed to acute mountain sickness at Stella Point, forcing me to turn back to the highest camp. The relationship between fitness and mountain sickness is a phenomenon that continues to amaze me. The ill effects of altitude can affect a person of any age, physical condition and can result in frustrating results. However, turning around before letting the problem develop into a serious medical issue resulted in me being fit enough to partake in my next outdoor adventure. As cliché as it sounds, it’s productive to admit defeat, regroup and continue trying. 


I’m grateful for the time I’ve spent in Africa, and am a more well-rounded person as a result. I believe that travel is the best form of education. Seeing the erratic political and economic condition of these third world countries, who were anything but developing, broadened my social awareness. Experiencing the candid reality, which some people unfortunately aren’t aware of, made me appreciate the things I had back in Canada and therefore complain less about #firstworldproblems. 


This spring, I’ll once again embark on a journey in an effort to raise funds for Sister Yengo’s Children. In the middle of May I will be travelling to Greece to attend the World Federation of Chiropractic Congress, where I’ll address doctors from around the world, requesting donations for the orphanage. Then, a few days later, my mom and I will fly to Kathmandu, Nepal to partake in a trek to Everest Base Camp. Never before have I ventured to this area of the globe, but as a couch-mountaineer I’ve spent countless hours reading about some of the world’s greatest climbers and their Himalayan adventures. The rich history, unique culture and significance of this mountain range to the mountaineering community is what has drawn me to this particular region. They say that training towards a certain goal sustains your workout motivation and I 100% agree. Without a dream to achieve, I have a difficult time pushing myself further; I notice procrastination taking over. The challenge of hiking amongst the world’s highest peaks fills my heart with ambition on a daily basis. While I am also travelling to fulfil a lifelong dream and check the number one item off my bucket list, it gives me great pleasure to help the orphans, handicapped individuals and injured persons of Brazzaville at the same time. I am proud to represent Sister Yengo’s Children (almost!) at the top of the world. All money raised goes directly to the chairty, where it is used to benefit the orphans and programs. Sister Yengo’s Children is a trustworthy and support-worthy cause, and I would appreciate any help with raising funds, no matter how small the donation. Donations can be made via PayPal through their website: Alternative methods of payment can be discusses via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.."> 


I encourage you to watch the Youtube video on the website for more information concerning this charity. Thank you for your financial support! For charity updates, pictures and a travel report, make sure to “like” my One Foot at a Time Facebook page. Safe travels!

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A young and enthusiastic adventurer, Savanna enjoys hunting, fishing, and hiking internationally. Her inspiring accomplishments have been featured in magazines worldwide and she enjoys sharing her experiences as a guest speaker. Engaged in the hunting community since an early age, Savanna is also Pro Staff for several outdoors related companies, including Cabela’s Canada and Leica. She currently splits her time between Canada and Germany while pursuing a medical degree. Jump on over and follow Savanna on her One Foot at a Time page for all her latest adventures.

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