• Clayton Bellamy - Road Warrior

    We at FFM have been anticipating this interview since 2009 when we first approached Clayton regarding how he stays fit on the stage. We are very excited to share with you how Clayton's fitness regime and pictures of him rocking his toned body. (Photos by Korby Banner)
    FFM: Why did you start working out? 
    I started lifting weights when I was in my late teens as cross training for racing Motocross. After I stopped racing and started music professionally it just became a mainstay in my daily routine to stay in shape and keep fit out on the road. 
  • Crazy Ride with Tim Hicks

    As a passionate enthusiast when it comes to personalities and country music, Tim Hicks always stood out to me the minute he hit the airwaves, and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to interview him on my radio show Nothing But Outdoors talking about his first singles and the love of the outdoors in 2012. Now we get the chance to get inside his thoughts on how fitness and health affects his touring and stage presence.