• 8 Reasons to Make Me Run

    Running is one of the best bad-ass forms of exercising to whip your body into shape. Here are the top 8 reasons why you should be tying up a pair of runners for 2015. 

  • Pregnancy and Fitness

    Pregnancy and fitness... I know I'm instantly thinking it too! The tabloid cover showing a perfectly toned celeb mom who started working out 30 secs after her baby popped out & now 2 weeks later she is "flawless!" Well I promise this is none of that!

  • RUNNING with Passion

    Running is an important chapter in ones' lifestyle.

    Shelly is a full time nurse working 12 hour shifts, a full time mom of 2 young men and a cardio fanatic. She found her way to make a change for her health, to better herself and those who surround her life through running.