• From Negative to Lens

    Mariya Mova was first introduced to the Fytness Fanatik community as our first model all the way from Australia. She has been with us for 12 years inspiring others and we wanted to share where her career path has led her.

  • Living Life with Wings Unclipped

    I came across a quote just the other day, written by Kelly Sue Deconnick and spoken by her comic book character Captain Marvel. She asks, “Have you ever seen a little girl run so fast she falls down?There is an instant. A fraction of a second before the world catches hold of her again. A moment when she's outrun every doubt and fear that she's ever had about herself, and she flies. In that one moment, every little girl flies."

  • Nancy Di Nino - The Red Storm

    “I am a hustler when it comes to the business of this sport. To succeed you really have to embrace both roles as an athlete and a business woman”. - Nancy Di Nino