All or Nothing

All or Nothing

My name is Emily, I get called the busiest girl in the world. I work full time doing sales and marketing, hunt, race dirt bikes in a provincial cross-country series and I just joined a race team to compete in the CSRA Snowcross racing series. I manage to fish an average of five days a week, pre fishing for upcoming tournaments with my partner or guiding myself on the lakes near by.  

Fishing is my passion, I have enjoyed the sport for as long as I can remember. Over the past five years I have decided that this is something I love and want to persue. Just like anything else I decide to do, I give it all or nothing. I have been trying to blow the socks off potential sponsors and other anglers, consistently guiding myself onto and catching some big fish. I currently am trying to make a name for myself in the fishing industry as a female angler. This year has gone amazing and after becoming a member to the Great Canadian Female Anglers Club I have met so many talented and influential women in the industry to which I am very grateful.    


On February second I decided to add another challenge to my list and start a new healthy lifestyle. This involved clean eating, so no processed foods, sweets or delicious salty snacks. Along with a mixture of cardio and strength training six days a week all from home. It was not easy, however I have stuck with it and my results have been incredible. So many times when I first started I would just want to sit in the ice fishing hut and join my friends eating hot dogs and Cheetos all day long, however I knew what I put into it was what I would get out. There was no way I was letting all that cardio training in three feet of snow at -30 after work go to waste.   

I have really associated my success on the water directly to my new healthy lifestyle. When our bodies are fed the right fuel, they perform at their best both mentally and physically. It is just like the boat, if you just give it regular maintenance and the best care it is more likely to perform way better.   


Fishing is both a mental as much as it is physical sport. Whether you are on the shore or on the boat, after a couple hours casting especially in the sun and heat it can really take a toll on our bodies. A healthy, nourished body can make the difference in having a long successful day on the water rather than packing up early and missing the chance to fish new spots. When we get tired  we are less likely to regard the presentation of our lure, as well as eagerly cast at good looking spots where the big one could be sitting. This makes a huge difference when preparing for tournaments. When my partner and I have a weekend devoted to pre fishing it can be exhausting. Getting up for first bite, being in the sun all day then doing it all again the day after as many know is not an easy task.   

There are a few hacks I use to keep me energized, alert and successful on the water that you should try next time you are out for the day. These help me fish smarter and save me from a lot of mistakes that can be made when you are fishing while fatigued.   

  1. Hydrate. I know everyone has probably heard this a trillion times from their Mothers however this is the most essential thing in avoiding exhaustion, staying alert and being able to fish longer. The more water a day, the better. I say water because gatorade, vitamin water and any other “healthy” alternative just don't compare. Packed full of sugar, calories and sodium these drinks are more detrimental to us more than anything. Live naturally, if plants and animals don’t need them neither do you. I personally aim for three litres of water a day, however it can be a bit harder when fishing to remember to take a swig. Personally I keep my water bottle beside my spare rods and baits. Everytime I go to switch a rod or put on a fresh Senko I take a sip. It will soon become habit and you will feel much better at the end of the day.  

2. Bring the right food and eat frequently. When planning a big fishing weekend normally what  food we bring is the last thing that is thought of. There is so much involved to get on the water already; getting the truck and boat ready, all rods set up, tackle organized, licences and paperwork looked out that food is forgotten. Personally this is the hardest thing for me to remember, I get so into it after the first cast that stopping for a bite to eat is the last thing I want to do, I am not risking a bite to have a bite! Bringing the right snackable healthy foods will be a life saver. Fruits and veggies are awesome because they are easy, quick to prepare and give our bodies tons of protein, calcium and vitamins...and the catch? Virtually no calories. So eat up and enjoy as much as you want, your body will thank you. Foods like unsalted nuts, canned tuna, hummus and nutritional shakes are great, fast, healthy high sources of protein to keep you casting and feeling your best.  

 3. Do the work today, feel better tomorrow. They say a healthy lifestyle is 80% diet and 20% exercise. However I feel that the exercise is essential to feeling the best. Exercise can be anything from a nice walk, to yoga and stretches or weight training. Find the one right for you. I personally being a hunter fisher love the outdoors, so naturally I have turned to running. I can scout new spots around the lake or keep an eye on where the turkeys are travelling. This helps me because with increased cardio and strength, at the end of the my day to day I’m not nearly as tired. This is the same on the water, I know that I am strong and I won’t make any silly mistakes when fighting those final fish. For you Muskie anglers out there this is something that should be at the top of the priority list, those fish require tons of additional attention not to mention have razor sharp teeth (I learned this the hard way last year with my first Muskie). So stay alert and stay safe! 

 4. SLEEP!! Sleep is awesome. No doubt about that, however many people don’t nearly get enough. A healthy lifestyle requires at least 8-9 hours every night. Studies have shown that sleep is just as important as the diet and exercise. Get into bed at a decent time. It can be hard, however when you have to get up for first bite in the morning you will thank yourself. Try getting the recommended hours of sleep a night for a week, you will feel a massive positive change. Yes, it sucks having to turn off Fish TV early to get some shut eye but adapt your schedule to run an hour ahead. That way you will finish your after work duties a little earlier and there is no excuses to stay up like an owl.  

5. No excuse is a good excuse. I can’t stress this enough, what you decide to put in is what you will get out. Fishing, fitness, anything in life this applies too. You can’t expect to beat personal bests if your line isn’t in the water. A healthy lifestyle isn’t easy, hell it took me a year and a half to do my first workout, but you can do it. Our bodies are amazing, you can look and feel as good as you want it’s is all up to you, it’s your choice! There is no such thing as a good excuse. If I know I am going to fish all afternoon from when work ends until dark, I will take my lunch break to do my run. Please don’t trust any fads on the market. There is no special pill, shake or miracle food. Its plain old hard work and dedication. Time and patience are going to be your two best friends in this game.  

I hope everyone will try at least one of these healthy changes. Being females in a male dominated sport, health and fitness can really boost performance and ensure success. To me, what a person has in their pants doesn’t determine a good angler whatsoever. When people remark saying “Wow you catch big fish for a girl!” This is irrelevant. I catch big fish in general, boy or girl. Women are powerful and amazing, and just like men we are capable of anything.  

Tight Lines Everyone! 

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