UFE PRO Alex McDonough

UFE PRO Alex McDonough

We have been watching you from behind the scenes transition to an incredible athlete, and now we are going to hammer you with some questions:

FFM: Why did you start lifting weights, and who inspired you?

ALEX: My dad bought me a funny bar for my 10th Christmas, as i had just begun to show interest in the old concrete free weights laying around the house. Seeing pictures of him with some larger than average biceps really inspired me to begin the journey of alerting my physique.


FFM: When did you pick up your first weight in a serious manner?

ALEX: Though i had performed (little to my knowledge at the time) a few skull crushers, different gripped bicep curls, and some floor press (due to lack of a bench in the house), it wasn't until college, when i met my best friend Vance, that i performed my first "back day" or "leg day". Routine and consistency was all very new to me.

FFM: Did you ever think you would go pro with this weight lifting or were you just messing around?

ALEX: To be honest, I never had an interest in stepping on stage. I was only lifting for "fun" at the time,  I looked forward to brutal workouts with my training partners, huge pumps, and a lot of good muscle soreness the next few days. It wasn't until November of 2013, when a good friend whom i was working with at GoodLife planted the seed of competing in my brain. It was set, April 2014, i would compete in my first Bodybuilding show as a light weight,  in UFE's Spring Bash.

FFM: Did winning your first title make you feel more accomplished then just going to the gym?

ALEX: Yes, it definitely did. Though it hadn't always been a goal or dream of mine, when i set my mind to something, i don't give it less than 100%, that's just not the way i was brought up. Taking first place in my weight class, in my first show (Spring Bash), and winning the Overall Men's Bodybuilder title, earning my UFE PRO status,  was an amazing experience to say the least.


(photos by korbybanner.com)

FFM: Are you taking any supplements, if so, which ones?

ALEX: I take many natural supplements for various benefits, most of them around competition time to prevent muscle breakdown and aid in fat mobilization, however I've found that a good, clean whey protein, glutamine, fish oil, and some vitamins (multi, b-50, and vitamin c) are all that I tend to rely on during my "off" season.

FFM: Have you found a career in training, what were your aspirations before?

ALEX: I may have gone to school for civil engineering... but fitness and health is definitely my life. I absolutely love training, both myself and my clients.  Helping people turn dreams into reality is truly an incredible experience.

FFM: Is it true you can't have anything to drink for days on end before a competition?

ALEX: Oh god no... I tried that one time... not only did i feel TERRIBLE - but the results were extremely poor in comparison to when i kept a significant amount more water in my prep.

FFM: Have you in turn inspired your friends to change their lifestyle?

ALEX: I hope that i have. I've got some good friends who play very vital roles in my life, and i hope that i am able to provide motivation and inspiration to theirs.

(photo by Justin Main)


UFE Spring Bash - 1st Lightweight Division

UFE Spring Bash - Overall Mens Bodybuilding - earned UFE PRO Status

Trained by Gil Ansah @ Bodytech 

instagram @mcdfit