Nancy Di Nino - The Red Storm

Nancy Di Nino - The Red Storm

“I am a hustler when it comes to the business of this sport. To succeed you really have to embrace both roles as an athlete and a business woman”. - Nancy Di Nino

I started competitive gymnastics at the young age of 6, which also included dance training, and once retiring from gymnastics I took on my dance more seriously whereby I studied hip hop, Salsa and Latin Ballroom Dancing. My love for Salsa dancing allowed me to become a Professional Salsa dancer and part of a professional dance company where we had the fortunate opportunity to be invited to perform at the Bacardi World Salsa Congress in Puerto Rico. (Similar to an invite to compete at the Arnold Classic). I love dancing …it sets my soul free. During this time I still kept my gymnastics conditioning and I was approached by someone in the gym who suggested that I try fitness competitions since I already had the conditioning from gymnastics and such an entertaining dance background. When I initially heard the suggestion, I laughed and thought there was no way I could get my “booty” to look like those girls on stage.  That person said to me…”are you saying you can’t”…And that was all the ammunition I needed to set foot on stage…never challenge me to the word “can’t”.

That is when the true warrior in me comes out. Once I graced the stage for the first time, I was addicted and so were the fans around me. The “Redstorm” came alive.

- Nancy Dinino


Nancy Di Nino is a multi talented Fitness Celebrity, Media Personality, Cover Model Figure Athlete and Professional Salsa Dancer. Her diversity of talents extends to being a Brand & Marketing Manager which has allowed her to have an active voice and International presence in the media and in world of Health and Fitness.

As a 6-time cover model, she has graced publications with a strong International presence to Include Oxygen, Muscle & Fitness Hers ,Muscular Development, Inside Fitness, Physique, Iron Man and IronMan Italy just to name a few.


She has co hosted prestigious events including Living Beautiful Radio,, The Olympia, The Toronto Pro Supershow and The Arnold Sports Festival, she has interviewed various sports celebrities from the world of UFC’s MMA to various credited Olympians. Most notably, Nancy had the honour of interviewing the one and only celebrity icon; Movie Star, Bodybuilding Legend and former Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger while hosting the live webcast production of his annual Arnold Classic Sports Festival Weekend.

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