Demi Lovato - Proud to Be Me

Demi Lovato - Proud to Be Me

American actress, singer and songwriter and supporter of anti-bullying organizations speaks with us about her first Skechers campaign.

This is your first Skechers campaign – describe the theme of the commercial.

Everyone is unique and Skechers embodies that. Their Skechers Memory Foam shoes conform to YOU, so it’s a customized fit. I think everyone should celebrate their individuality and I’m happy to collaborate with Skechers in promoting this message.

Why are you excited to partner with Skechers for a global campaign?

I’m so excited to partner with Skechers on a global campaign because I love the brand! They’re so comfortable and fit well into my day-to-day life. Everyone loves to be comfortable, and Skechers are a perfect combination of sport and fashion.

Which Skechers shoes are your favorites?

I love the new Skechers Sport line because the prints are so fun and colorful. It’s not what you would normally expect to see on a sneaker. My fashion choices are often unexpected, so these are the perfect shoes for me. 

If we peeked at your shoe collection, what would we find?

A lot of comfortable sneakers and some really cute boots! 

If you could give your teenage self a few words of advice about managing life in the spotlight, what would you say? 

When I was a teenager, my role models were all thin. Because of what I saw in popular singers/icons as well as models in the magazines and on TV, I thought that was what I was supposed to look like. I’ve realized that isn’t real life though – people have curves and that is beautiful and sexy. I am proud of my body now – I’ve truly never been happier. 

You’re frequently featured on magazine covers and positioned as a role model. Why is it so important to empower young woman?

Being a role model is extremely important to me. Growing up, I didn’t have many people in the public eye to look to, saying “it’s ok to be yourself.”  I’ve learned to embrace my body and who I am. I want to let the world know that you can totally be yourself.  Thin or curvy, long hair or short, dressed up or casual, it is all about being you and being confident in your skin. You are more beautiful and powerful when you carry yourself with confidence.

What’s your style philosophy?

My style philosophy is to stay true to who I am. To be my own unique self.  That is when I am happiest. When I’m on stage it is probably edgy heels or boots and a leather jacket – as fun and crazy as I feel at that moment. And when I am not on stage, chances are I am comfortable in a T-shirt and my Skechers.

How important is a healthy lifestyle for you?

I focus on eating right – I am usually snacking on carrots and celery as well as staying positive and active. Performing is huge part of my fitness regimen – It keeps me spiritually and mentally balanced and it also helps me stay conditioned for touring.

What's the first album you ever bought? 

My first album was Britney Spears! (a former Skechers endorsee)

Do you have any hidden talents? 

I can turn myself into a human pretzel! 

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