Aaron Pritchett - Working out Country Style

Aaron Pritchett - Working out Country Style

Aaron Pritchett is one our favorite country artists to listen to in the office, working out and line dancing and our editor Amanda Lynn had a few questions to ask him:

FFM: Do you think your audience has changed since social media has come into the picture?

Aaron: I firmly believe my audience has changed considerably since social media came along.  In the past many people wouldn't want to listen to country radio and learn about the artist but now with all the social media apps, sites and capabilities anyone can learn about an artist before they even hear the music.  People can learn to like an artist and admire their music for who that artist is as opposed to not knowing anything about them and understanding what that song means to the person (people) singing it.  Therefore, my audience has grown incredibly because of social media.

FFM: We notice you are quite fit and full of energy on stage, is this something you have always been into?

Aaron: Thank you for the compliment, first off!  Yes, I have always been a very active person.  I started playing hockey when I was about 5 and have not stopped and I still play competitively now.  Other than that I am an avid runner, gym rat (when possible) and love to hike.  I used to rely on my many shows a year to keep the weight off but I realize now that as I age I need to condition myself for the 2 hour stage show instead of the other way around.

FFM: On your instagram you post little bits post runs, do you realize you inspire others to also go take up running? (Oddly enough, I had a conversation with a friend who recently said he was going to start running because he saw a post of you)

Aaron: There again is another great tool that social media provides.... inspiration to others!  And without even realizing that I've done that in many cases for people because not all have told me it's inspired them to do the same.  Those posts on Instagram, Twitter, FB, etc. are made for just that though.  I want people to see me sweat and pushing myself to be healthy and therefore happy!  It's amazing what an example can do for other peoples moral.  It should be no surprise to hear that if I wasn't in music (and I'm a little too old to be attempting an effort at professional hockey) that I would probably me a personal trainer and would love to try my hand at motivational speaking.

FFM: I am going to put this question in here because mom wants to know what your parents were like when you were younger?

Aaron: That's a question that is a little tough to answer...  I will say this though: they weren't the most supportive of my early career choices of wanting to be an actor and entertainer.  But, with some tenacity, focus and effort, well, here I am.  You will be able to read more in the book... HAHA

FFM: In past conversations I have learned you have quite the history with hockey, even sleeping with your gear on to be ready in the morning, do you sleep with your running shoes on too?

Aaron: Yes, I used to be so passionate about hockey when I was a kid that I would sleep in my hockey gear.  I would also wake up at 2:00am, sit and watch TV until 5:30 rolled around so I could walk to my practice.  I STILL get nervous jitters when I'm about to play, even if it's just a noon hour drop in game at the local rink.  I have slept in my running shoes... but it's usually after a night drinking a bottle of Pinot Noir.  Just so I remind myself to get up the next morning and run off the night before.


FFM: Your new tour is coming up, Outlaws and Outsiders Tour, sounds like boot stomping fun, are you doing anything special to spice up energy this tour? 

Aaron: The Outlaws & Outsiders tour is going to be a high energy tour from the get-go right to long after we're off stage.  I put everything I have into my show, night in and night out, and with the high-energy country rock artist (North Bay, Ontario boy) Cory Marquardt, along with newcomers KING & CASH, this show is going to be a 3 hour, of in-your face, make-you-sweat and leave-you-wanting-more show!  I'm sure there will be some new things happening on stage as well as some pranks happening, no doubt.

FFM: Besides singing, songwriting, playing hockey, dog sledding, and running what other hobbies do you make time for and what is your favorite right now?

Aaron: Unfortunately my time is so limited these days that I don't have any to spend on many other hobbies.  When I get an opportunity to I will head out on the ocean and go crabbing and prawning.  I wish I had more time to drop a line or two to fish but I can never find the time, sadly. Fly fishing is one thing I'd like to get into more one day.

FFM: What is playing in your iPod (mp3) player that makes you want to jump up and dance?

Aaron:  Dallas Smith's new album "Lifted" has got me pumped up every time I hear it!  It's great.  The production is incredible, his vocals are always amazing and his songs are always full of life that they make you want to get up and moooooove!!!

FFM: Can you do a handstand push up?

Aaron:  To be honest, I have never tried to do a handstand push up but funny enough I DO think about trying to do one someday all the time! No lie, I really do.  I saw my cousin do one when we were kids and I thought "that's insane!" but I've never actually done one. 

You can find Aaron on:

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