Canadian Mudd Queen - Determination Wins

Canadian Mudd Queen - Determination Wins

As far back as I can remember I have always been the "big" girl. I grew up in a time when you ate everything on your plate. My parents put me in many sports as a child, ballet, tap, bowling, baseball. I played sports in school but always bigger.

Fast forward to high school, 15 years old, I discovered the gym. My mom came with me until I turned 16 (age to go by myself). I went faithfully, but had a secret. I had always wanted to be skinny, model skinny, and I think that's what started my eating disorder. I had bulimia. By the time my senior year of high school rolled around I'd lost a lot of weight, and had a few more popular friends, all the while hiding my secret. I started Olympic Weightlifting when I was 17, and loved it because I've always been a strong girl. My sister and I joke that our dad wanted boys and got us. I then added kickboxing at 19, my sister and I trained together but I eventually moved away from home and at 20 I moved to Alberta. While I was away from home I met a guy and got 'comfy' with life. I ended up gaining a lot of weight and topped the scales around 260lbs. One day we bought gym memberships (all the while I was still bulimic), and with dedication and endurance I lost about 50 lbs, while I was pretty happy. 

I should add that high school was horrible being a bigger girl. I was bullied often. My first high school dance my mom bought me a new outfit, did my hair, and even let me put a bit of make up on. I felt amazing and pretty and as the night went on I worked up the courage to ask a boy I had a crush on to dance. He looked at me and said with out hesitation, "I don't dance with fat pieces of $h!t like you!!" I was crushed! I walked away, went to the pay phone and called my mom who picked me up and I cried for the rest of the night. I think this was one of the contributing factors to my eating disorder. 

The big part of my story started Tuesday September 5, 2013, it was my son's first day of Kindergarten. I took him to school then was at home; bored. I decided to take my daughter for a walk, we went maybe a mile or so and when we returned home I was sweaty, gross and out of breath, but I felt alive. I thought to myself, you can either eat a bag of licorice or plan to go again. I planned to go again on Thursday when my son had his next day of school. I was hooked!!!! Over the course of that September I signed up for my first Race and started getting up at 4:30 am to go "running". My hubby was home so it was nice to be able to get up and workout before everyone got up and the day got crazy. On September 28th I RAN my first 3 km race. I was still around 260lbs but I didn't walk it. Then a week later it was my birthday and I ran my first 5 km. Then I was checking Facebook and happened across Spartan races. It looked hard and I wanted in!!! For the remainder of 2013 I ran 2 more official races (10 km Jingle Bell run and 5 km Santa Shuffle at -32C) and numerous 5-15 km routes around town.


I amped up my training because I, with my sister, signed up for the Spartan race in Edmonton. I added lifting weights and some fitness DVDs to my running training. In May 2014 I, with my sister, ran my first muck run. It was in Lloydminster, Alberta, and it was amazing, I had a blast. Yes, definitely hooked to obstacle course racing. July rolled around and not only did I run the Spartan sprint on Saturday July 5th but I ended up doing the Hurricane Heat the night before, for my first big OCR experience that was crazy, but loved it. Totally pushed myself beyond what I thought I could do. I did another mud run in The Pas, Manitoba at the beginning of September 2014. It was small but still fun and at the end of September I ran a local 3 km with my kids who love training with me. My son loves to roller blade and daughter would bike while I ran in the evenings and I added some fun outdoor things to my training, a small obstacle course in my yard. Complete with a tractor tire, sled I pulled my kids around in, burpee station, lunges down the driveway with my girl on my back (my driveway is about 100ft long), log carry, hill sprints; just made the most of what I had because I never once went to a gym. Yes I lost 120lbs at home. I did get some help with nutrition from a lady named Andi who I found on facebook. I had no idea how to eat for the way I was training, and she was able to assist. We spent loads of time at the lake during the summer and again, I just made up fitness routines with what I had available. Rowing my dad's boat down the lake for a few miles in the mornings, running miles down grid roads, farmed carry with gravel buckets my dad got for me, lunges up and down the lake hills with logs on my shoulders, again lots to do with no gym. No excuses for not training!!!! So that's my story in a nut shell. I could go on about good days and bad but I'm a glass half full kind of girl so if I had a bad day I just shrugged it off and kept going. I kept a constant log of weigh-ins and measurements so folks could see my progress. I wrote down every workout I did.