Pregnancy and Fitness

Pregnancy and Fitness

Pregnancy and fitness... I know I'm instantly thinking it too! The tabloid cover showing a perfectly toned celeb mom who started working out 30 secs after her baby popped out & now 2 weeks later she is "flawless!" Well I promise this is none of that!


My first pregnancy almost 6 years ago was the complete opposite of this one, I had no fitness routine prior to, was underweight, struggling to survive an abusive, volatile relationship and was working 60 hr+ a week. Long story short, my beautiful daughter showed up at 33 weeks.


As I started navigating the world of very complicated motherhood, I had some of my toughest moments. The world of testing and eventually a rare syndrome diagnosis was a tough place.


On a whim I started running with a friend, I wanted to prove I could run 5 km's! As I pushed myself to run I began to realize that I was strong! I ran my first 5 km and decided I needed to use this strength to pursue a brighter future for my daughter and I.


Together my daughter and I left and started our own life and I continued to run with a strawberry blonde toddler in the jogger, I ran my first mud run, fell in love with the love of my life and ran my 10 km, then a half and then 108 km's for charity, all in one year!


A month after finishing my ultra marathon, I married my husband and we officially became a family. The talk of babies terrified me; what if I was on bed rest and couldn't be a great mom and wife for months? What if I lost a baby? As I talked with my doctor, he was so reassuring and informed me that I was the healthiest I'd ever been, the happiest I'd ever been and was finally a healthy weight! He had no concerns. I could work out through my pregnancy and we would just keep an eye on things, so we were both ecstatic! "My gym" is my happy place, it was a place I felt safe after years of not feeling that, it was my place where I could get out the frustration that goes along with life.


Finding out we were pregnant was amazing, it was sunshine & sparkles, and then the morning sickness hit. The glow of pregnancy was more of a sweaty sheen. I couldn't keep enough calories in to even think about working out, but I tried, I ran an 8 km mud run and then after 4 months, I could finally keep food down & started back to the gym. I was back at the gym for 2 weeks when I started having heart issues. Tests followed along with strict instructions to stop working out, walking distances and no lifting at work. Mentally it's been so hard to not do something I love so much, I've broken down and cried at Sport Chek and the Running Room just looking at gear. I remember becoming frustrated at my husband while he would grab his gym bag and head out.


My inbox is filling with race dates for this Spring and I know it's going to have to wait. It's hard, but my daughter is so excited to be able to share our love for running with the new baby. Turns out that babies who put on hundreds of km's in a stroller on training runs turn into runners themselves. Taking a break hasn't been easy but it hasn't killed me! I've used this time to set out goals for the next two years and I can't wait to see where it takes me. In the meantime, I'll try waiting patiently and grow my baby for another 4 weeks!