Clayton Bellamy - Road Warrior

Clayton Bellamy - Road Warrior

We at FFM have been anticipating this interview since 2009 when we first approached Clayton regarding how he stays fit on the stage. We are very excited to share with you how Clayton's fitness regime and pictures of him rocking his toned body. (Photos by Korby Banner)
FFM: Why did you start working out? 
I started lifting weights when I was in my late teens as cross training for racing Motocross. After I stopped racing and started music professionally it just became a mainstay in my daily routine to stay in shape and keep fit out on the road.  FFM: What motivated you to develop a strict regime?  
My main motivation for a strict fitness regime is my job. Playing and singing is very physical. And running around for 90 min on stage every night takes a toll. So I need to stay in shape so I can do my job well as a performer. It has also been quality of life. To be able to be in shape so I can get out and enjoy life to the fullest.  And looking great makes you feel great as well!  

FFM: Favourite tune to blast while working out?  
My favourite songs to work out to, well, The Road Hammers' new record WHEELS of course!  Haha, no but I love up tempo rock n roll. I'm really into The Flash Lightning right now as well as ZZTop and Blackberry Smoke!

FFM: Favourite meal to cheat with? 
My favourite cheat meal is pizza, uhhhh why - do you have any?  Please give me some thin crust papa johns pizza...
Daily nutrition? Try and keep it simple. Always do the salad instead of bread. And always always do water and nothing else. You will be amazed at how you feel and how the pounds just fall off.  Just drink WATER! 

FFM: Joggers or shorts?  
Oh Shorts. I get so over heated at the gym I like to stay cool with a tank top and some board shorts.  

FFM: Do you feel motivated while others are watching you or shy away?  
I like to go to the gym early in the morning when no one is there. One so I can get an early start to my day and also because I don't like to socialize when I am at the gym. I am there for one reason only. To work. I want that heart rate cranked and my body hurting when I leave.  
FFM: Do you feel this has given you more 'oomph' while on stage?  
For sure, I feel like staying fit gives me more confidence, and also gives me more energy to give 110% every night on stage. And when people pay hard earned money to see you play a concert you have to be able to deliver.
Exercise Regime:

First I always warm up with a minimum 1km run to get my body warmed up and my heart rate up. Then I dive head first into this routine provided to me by my friend and Personal Trainer, Cory Sherratt

1. Burpies-total body exercise and great warmup with an element of cardio and strength building

2. Spider-man push-up -overall main chest as well as core 

3. Handstand push-up-overall shoulder 

4. Chin-ups play ground or door jab whatever works-back 

5. Biceps curls-Resistance band or Kettle Bell curls  

6. Dips-triceps- If I don't have that available I do diamond push-ups depending on location. 

7. Air squats-quads,hams,glutes. 

8. Split squats-quads, hams, glutes, calves. 

9. Abs- Leg raises off a bar or depending on what's available V ups, mountain climbers and planks (60 sec hold).