RUNNING with Passion

RUNNING with Passion

Running is an important chapter in ones' lifestyle.

Shelly is a full time nurse working 12 hour shifts, a full time mom of 2 young men and a cardio fanatic. She found her way to make a change for her health, to better herself and those who surround her life through running.

Five years ago she knew it was time for self-intervention, and her reality was that Shelly was going to be making the rest of her life, the BEST of her life.

We all have the power to change, it's finding the strength to make that change. Sometimes we need to fight to find the motivation in ourselves but once you believe in yourself and all that you are, there's no other direction then on-ward and forward.

"After quitting smoking and losing 40 plus pounds I wanted more."

What started out as running a 10km race to say "I did it" became a passion. A passion that has taught her desire-drive-determination. A passion that has helped her develop her strength through struggles and learning how to deal with the chaos of life.

Attitude determines your direction; motivation determines what you do. For Shelly , a pair of running shoes and a dream made her realize limitations only exist in your mind if you let them.


Running is Shelly's alone time. She runs to show devotion and discipline, for her own inner peace.

From her first 10 km race to my second full marathon there has been many struggles. Was it easy? Not all all. Was it worth it? Absolutely without a doubt!

She has learned to fight through injury, learned the hard way to be resilient., and learned to not give up! Shelly has signed up for her FIRST 50km trail race. Shelly's daily runs, weekly mileage, and her races are more than just a distance to her, they are her desire, dedication, determination, and no one will take away her finish line!