Kelly's Corner

Are you just starting out?  Do you want to lose weight but not sure where to begin?  There are SO MANY things out there in the diet world and there's always someone backing up a new fad.  Eat this, or eat that, but definitely DON'T eat that!  The newest one I've heard: Eat 75% Protein in your day.  If your mouth just dropped, you reacted as I did.  Its extreme and unrealistic as well as damaging to many internal organs such as your kidneys.  Too many gimmicks, too many followers spending too much money for harmful information.  

We just want and need something easy.  Although the beginning of any new change we make in our lives is not always easy, It doesn't have to be so difficult that you feel the need to quit or think you don't have what it takes to succeed.  It's all about MODERATION.  This is a simple rule that can help with nearly every aspect of life.  No need to beat yourself up because you had a cookie or enjoyed a dessert out with your family.  It's not a downfall to enjoy yourself in life.  

A large group of people, including myself just took part in a 21 day NO JUNK FOOD CHALLENGE.  It wasn't about deprivation, but instead learning how to control the junk food/dessert intake after a Holiday full of high sugar foods and alcohol.  In life we make choices, sometimes discipline is necessary.  I found it was helpful for more than getting rid of the holiday bloat, sugar rush/dependability, and tight clothing.  It also proved to myself that sugared treats were not in control of me, but I am in control of what I eat and when.  Should you deprive yourself of great tasting foods and nights out with family and friends?  No, never.  It's as simple as that.  Unless you are training for a specific event, enjoy life.  Give yourself a day to enjoy what you want.  Have that glass of wine or two with your dinner and enjoy the dessert that you made.  Smile, with no guilt.  

TIP:  If you had to undo your pants or un-tuck your shirt, you went TOO FAR.  Enjoy things….in moderation.  Cheers.  


We work so hard to make our bodies into something that will make us happy.  Numerous exercises, regular and irregular dieting, you name it, we've done it.  To confuse you more, there are an incredible amount of items thrown at us to help burn fat, boost your metabolism, build muscle, and the list goes on.  Not to mention, that 90% of these things usually cause more harm than good or no real results are seen.  Of course it's disappointing.  

During my courses, we studied some of the top supplements taken by athletes and which ones were beneficial.  No matter what you are looking for, keep your eyes open to what may have more harmful effects than good results.  

Common supplements sold are fat burners.  Most have high amounts of caffeine and cause heart palpitations, anxiety, and many other dangerous side effects.  

Wouldn't it be nice to not have those side effects but get optimal benefits?  

Carnitine is a fat burner that transports fats into the cells to be used for energy in the body.  Not only does it help fat melt away, but with more energy, it improves high intensity workouts, increases athletic performance,  and you bounce back quicker from your workouts with less muscle aches and pains.  There are numerous reasons to take Carnitine, and there are many articles written, but if you are looking for a good fat burner, this is it. 

To get the most out of taking Carnitine, take an Omega3 fish oil as well to help improve the health of your cells and absorption of Carnitine.  Pair it up with a healthy diet including protein in your meals and 5 hrs of working out a week and you'll have optimal results.  

Finding it is easy.  Check your local health food stores and your nearest GNC stores. 

Kelly is a Certified Fitness Trainer, Fitness Nutritionist, Certified in 4 Beachbody programs, Insanity, Turbokick, PIYO, P90X. Follow Fearless Fitness & Nutrition on Facebook.