Always Be Ready

To me, Amanda Lynn Mayhew, fitness is a lifestyle, a way to continue to be the best that I can on a daily basis. I live a busy life and I find ways to work it into my daily routines, no matter what they are. It takes just 5 minutes to do something to change your life. 

I have always been an advocate for fitness and even a bigger one for the outdoors so I try to combine those passions as often as I can. 


While moose hunting this year, I was even encouraged to bring along some dumbbells for my upcoming fitness competition that I am preparing for. I keep myself motivated by taking baby steps to some bigger goals, my timeline is hard to work with due to an actual job and all the hunting I need to fit in, give me less time to dedicate solely to working out but I never give up. 


I like to rely on me when I am on any type of adventure and I like to enjoy it thoroughly so to be up to par in the best shape that I can be in is important to the life I choose to live. Always #liftlikeagirl and #huntstrong.