About lift like a girl

About lift like a girl

Dedication and strength come from within.

There is no comparison to others how strong you are but a comparison to yourself. You can be everything you want to be.

It starts with your heart.


Fashion Forward

"Where motivation becomes habit and life becomes better." - Amanda Lynn Mayhew 

While it's true that fashion has always played a role in the gym and is motivational to all of us who look forward to changing our lifestyle, it doesn't have to be boring and may carry a strong slogan to empower others. A message that conveys our own goals as well as sharing with others. You might be surprised that this message carries as far as Australia, with one of our first endorsers and pro bodybuilder/model, Mariya Mova.   

Yes, the lift like a girl community is a strong one, made up of strong women, real life models, and fun, from Ontario to Alberta, Nova Scotia to British Columbia, Canada to Australia. 



Inspiring women globally to show their strength and inspire others. Lift like a girl is about being the best version of you, about overcoming challenges, about being strong and showing off the you that you're proud of. 


The great thing about our pro staff is that once you think you have us all figured out, one of us comes along and starts something new right before your eyes. We've noticed that fun and creativity allows us to become a stronger team which leads to us inspiring each other and others. Here's what our eagle-eyed staff and observant followers have confirmed from this community:


  • Bold colors are eye catching and fun.                                                                       

  • Muted colors complement B O R I N G.                                                           

  • Nothing can replace the look RED.                                       

  • One word: toques. Not hats, people. Toques.

  • What are you laughing at, I am having FUN!

  • Layers are for those who SWEAT.

  • Models, HAH! We are strong PRO STAFF.

  • Own your look, no matter what it is.


  • If you must keep your head warm, try our toque.

  • If you must wear runners, make them Skechers.